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XOSIB (Xtra Ordinary Smart Indian Buyer) has been delivering market research insight for shopkeepers for over a decade. We provide marketing strategies for shops that will benefit all buyers and sellers throughout India. We have a dedicated marketing strategy team that can increase your sales.

You will have the most amazing experience with us, as we know the ways to convert the crowd to your shop. We adopt unique marketing strategies that will help you generate more sales.

A full-funnel marketing strategy considers the entire 360-degree journey and attempt to nurture relationships and build better brand experiences. We help shopkeepers pivot into more profitable directions where they can expand and grow. We help shopkeepers turn around their non-profitable ventures into something that benefits them. Our speciality lies in understanding what makes a shop special and profitable.

At XOSIB we believe in embracing digital and staying ahead of all the trends and changes. We use transformative strategies to grow your shop and increase your business. As a leading marketing agency our goal is to help you gain a competitive advantage by leveraging your presence in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Why Us


  • 22+ years of experience

  • Served more than 1200 shopkeepers

  • Known for delivery of useful and usable solutions

  • Growth-Driven Approach

  • Preventability

  • Certified Marketing Experts

  • User-Centric Approach

  • Accessible Pan India

Sounds like Money Calling!! Right?

In a day, XOSIB is going to help you increase your turnover. Grab this opportunity to reach beyond the limit.

How Does Marketing Benefit Your Business?

Marketing is an essential aspect to any successful business venture. It involves researching customer needs and wants, developing a product to meet those needs, and then making sure that product is presented in the right way to the right people. This can include anything from advertising campaigns to customer service initiatives. Furthermore, it requires an understanding of consumer behaviour so as to identify target markets and develop effective strategies for reaching them. In short, marketing helps build relationships between businesses and their consumers, allowing them to successfully exchange goods and services for mutual benefit.

Marketing plays a critical role in helping businesses reach their goals by creating demand for their products and services. By focusing on customer needs and wants, companies can create products that bring value to consumers and allow them to become loyal customers over time. Additionally, marketing helps businesses stay competitive by providing insights into what their competitors are doing, what new trends are emerging in their industry, and how they can respond appropriately. Additionally, marketing makes it easier for businesses to reach potential customers through various channels such as email campaigns, social media platforms, etc. thus increasing brand awareness and sales opportunities.

Marketing Strategy

Awareness :

This is the first stage of the customer journey when potential customers become aware of your product or service. During the Awareness Stage, your goal should be to build recognition and trust with potential customers by providing them with relevant content. that educates them about who you are and what you do. Customers know about your existence and you offer a product or service of interest because we deal with the only shop of its kind in the area.

Consideration :

Once a potential customer has become aware of your product or service through your content marketing efforts, they move on to the consideration stage of the buying process. Here they will assess what features your product offers and how it benefits them relative to other products or services in the market. This is when you need to focus on providing detailed information about what sets your product apart from its competitors’ offerings.

Conversion :

This is the final stage of the customer journey where potential customers have made up their mind about whether or not they want to buy from you. At this point, it’s all about making sure that the buying process goes smoothly from start to finish so that customers feel confident in their decision and come away feeling satisfied with their purchase. You should also focus on building loyalty by offering incentives for repeat purchases such as rewards programs or exclusive discounts for loyal customers


Looking to grow your business?

Look no further than XOSIB – (Xtra Ordinary Smart Indian Buyer)..!!

For over two decades, we have provided market research insights for shop owners in India. Our marketing strategies are designed to benefit both buyers and sellers across the country – from small retail shops to large manufacturers and wholesalers.
For just (Rs. 21,000/-) you can register as a XOSIB Seller for one year and join our growing list of esteemed sellers who have seen expanded sales through minimal investment.
Enjoy various advantages such as access to our dedicated strategy team who will guide your journey towards success and immediate benefits as mentioned below:

  • XOSIB welcomes all its new Registered Sellers with a personalized certificate to show appreciation for their association.

  • To further increase brand visibility so that your business stands out in the market,we offer branding solutions that include:

  • 20 Posters of size 13 “x 19” inches

  • One 5 mm laminated sun-board of up to 4x3 feet

  • One Flex Banner of up to 30 feet.

  • 10 acrylic paper weights

  • Advertising is made easier through 500 Customized Visiting Cards and 100 Letterheads and 2 promotional videos.

  • Furthermore, 4 eye-catching roll-up standees are made available for grabbing consumer attention.

  • That’s not all but an exclusive one pager microsite on our domainisalso created to build brand awareness (With additional Rs. 15,000/- per year as server maintenance cost, you can also get a site with your business name).

Note: Government taxes will apply as applicable

Register today for guaranteed success tomorrow..!!

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Franchise Registration

Join the XOSIB Franchise Partnership and unlock a world of business opportunities..!!

Our expert team provides exclusive training programs to boost your skills - while our ethical trade practices ensure you maximize profitability and customer satisfaction.

With a minimum investment of Rs. 2.5 Lakhs, enjoy many advantages, such as increased awareness through useful marketing techniques, an enhanced foothold in lucrative markets with access to industry-leading expertise and earn 30% on membership package sales and 0.70% of total sales of your clients.

Reach out now for more information about joining the XOSIB family!

Join the XOSIB Affiliate Program and scale your earnings..!!

XOSIB is revolutionizing the concept of affiliate marketing, allowing you to tap into lucrative opportunities and benefit from regular income potential.

Our innovative program starts with a nominal fee of Rs. 50,000/- and you can earn 10% on membership package sales and 0.10% of total sales of your clients.

All our affiliates are provided a formal ID card and certification of association. Their details are also published on our website as soon as a particular pincode is assigned to them.

Make your dreams come true by joining thousands of other affiliates who have already started reaping rewards through XOSIB’s cutting-edge platform today!

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